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josh you're killing me

he's looking at me...i'm laying down...believe it.

yea, it hurts my heart too my josh

oh my my my

yea, he's on a mission.


guess he wasn't lying when he said he was a "nerd" in skoo. I would like that if i saw something like that at school.
what he puts at the end of his signitures

messy music. look at his glare. what a crazy glare

i want to put him in my pocket, my butt one.

get in that hair

he's fishing.hee

another crazy glare


PHX concert.
Someone wrote a transcript kinda...and you will read it. She left some stuff out...but she got a lot...he's HILARIOUS omg

TRANSCRIPT- I made some changes to hers

"PHOENIX! Beautiful, beautiful Phoenix. I can't TELL you how great it is to be back here."

He said "How are YOU?" in a really weird voice... and "I'm good TOO!" in the same weird voice. (It's hard to explain.) "Happy St. Patty's Day!!" Sadly, he wasn't wearing an emerald green button-down shirt like we had hoped, but of course there were gifts. Somebody gave him a green newsboy cap, and I about died. I have never seen anybody soo hottt in a hat. It was the most flattering color, and the way his hair stuck out underneath... it took my breath away. I (SADLY) didn't get any good photos of it :( but I'm sure somebody will post some... somewhere! People kept handing him things, so he had to scramble around and bend down to pick it all up. He said "Here I am, in front of 13,000 people, grabbing things like a kid grabbing candy." And then he started to mimick his scrambling and bending and grabbing.then said,"This is turning into(thought he was going to say christmas)... awkward" HAHAH. Anyway, he also got a green necklace of some sort and was wearing both for a while. Then he got a green frog stuffed animal that he put on top of his hat. "To complete the ensemble..." The frog said "Kiss me, I'm Irish" and he turned around and tried to kiss it secretively, LOL. He had this sneaky look on his face and was trying not to let anyone see him do it. When he took off the hat, the entire audience "awwwed", so he said "It's a long night, you guys. OH, The hat will be back. Do not worry." It was funny. He said "Unless of course I get something better..." and then this girl gave him this huge green beaded necklace. He just looked at us. HAHAHA. But he didn't put it on. ...He then got thrown up a blue hat. And he says "Ooh something blue!, perfect!" When he was introducing Alejate, he had to start over and over again because we kept interrupting him, lol. Someone yelled "YOU'RE SEXY!" and he said "YOU'RE SEXY TOO!" And he started to toss his hair around like he was sexy. He had the audience in stitches the entire time. Someone proposed to him, and he said, "Well, we're driving to Vegas tonight... so uh, come along!" And whenever he said "Spanish" the crowd would scream soo loud... Then at one point he acted like a gorilla... at another point he said "EXERCISE!" and proceeded to run back and forth across the stage like a complete dork. he said "hows the right doing?" :::scream:: ran over to the left, "hows my left doing?" turned to his orchestra..."how's my ORCHESTRA doing?!" He did the Hulk Hogan thing too and then said "anybody rememebr that?...well i do." I don't really know how to describe THAT. After running around again later, he said "My hair looks like I stuck my finger in an electrical socket. And my hat is gone! Oh no! It's not good to have a bad hair day on stage without a hat. I look like a muppet!" HAHAHAHHA. Muppet. Soo cute. The front row was full of little kids, and one time he looked down at them and said, "Oh, we have letters in our hands!" and started to read what they were holding. "Will.. you... take.. me... to.. my.... pr.. o.... m... prom! Sure! Of course! How old are you?"

The little girl says, "eight."
"Well, we've got time. We'll work on that."

And people kept screaming, so he said, "Yeah, I'm not cool enough to NOT acknowledge my fans yet. You know, like the rockstars who are like, 'Yeah, I know... so here's a song from the seventies... I think you'll know it.'" Josh, I really hope you never get to be that cool.

He was so perky! He said, "'Josh, should I prescribe you Prozac?' 'No thanks, I'm performing in Phoenix tonight.'"

"Here's a factoid for you: I sang the national anthem here about four years ago. It rocked. ....::awkward silence:: That's the end of the factoid. ..... GO BASKETBALL!"

These two women (who were at the buses with us afterward) held up a sign that said "Josh Groban rules the universe" just so that he would read it and say "I rule the universe." And he did. He said, "Well now I'm just cocky! It's gonna be a whole other show..."

When he was introducing his song that was in Troy he said "no i wasn't in it." Then said something about Orlando Bloom taking all of his movie roles... And he was bitter :D haha...


"Um, I dropped my mic pack. Tariqh, will you put it back on for me?"
*bends over in front of Tariqh*
*looks awkwardly at audience*
i love this picture. LOVE it


OH JOSH.... i remember that hat so fondly

he looked like he was having so much fun on those drums :)
hot jersey

oh, you're killing me

can i please just like stand on that road with him?

his smile  is pure love, pure love.
omg i love this one..what is his problem. stop that!

chris groban(young picture), josh's younger brother. He is 20 now you guys. I so have a chance with that thing. That is my plan. Get Chris to get to josh...sounds full proof.<-- that one looks good ..  :(

Interesting "factoid"(josh) his brother has the same birthday as him...weird!...end of factoid

ANYMORE????? there are...but can't give them all to you at once.

oh and i'm posting this in two places. just a warning

As I told angie....
I created a "are you really obsessed?" personal test. Just think, would you take 300 dollars out of the bank (if you had it and you weren't rich) to see this thing/person. Right now, I would no doubt take out 300 if not 400 to see Josh in concert again. Not even joking. And I would spend 500-600 to hang out with him. And you know that's big because I am the cheapst person ALIVE! I wont even buy an ipod but I will spend that much money to meet this amazing person. I even get doubtful about spending my money for beans at work and that's only 94 cents. Sad. oh so sad.

facial hair...mmm

alright i'll stop :(
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