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Be Obsessed Already!! [entries|friends|calendar]
Be Obsessed Already!!

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POOP [15 Apr 2005|11:06pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

medacrazymind14: did jeroldo take you home?
buddy with bangs: lmao, stoopid
buddy with bangs: nope
buddy with bangs: busss
medacrazymind14: awww why!
medacrazymind14: that ho
medacrazymind14: poop
buddy with bangs: i dunno
buddy with bangs: lol sick
buddy with bangs: you and poop
medacrazymind14: haha i know...i told june that you said i was obsessed with it haha
buddy with bangs: lmao
buddy with bangs: How was work?
medacrazymind14: it was alrigfht
buddy with bangs: lol "it was..there was a fight"
buddy with bangs: that's what that looked like
medacrazymind14: well there was a fight
medacrazymind14: jaaaaay kay
buddy with bangs: lol
medacrazymind14: but it was my novios barfday
buddy with bangs: lmao KHAMIS
buddy with bangs: awwwww!
medacrazymind14: khamis?
buddy with bangs: he says jaaaay kaaaay
buddy with bangs: member?
medacrazymind14: no?
medacrazymind14: i made that up
buddy with bangs: ...lol.
medacrazymind14: so if he says that...he copied me
buddy with bangs: he says it
medacrazymind14: oooh
medacrazymind14: in real life
medacrazymind14: yea he tote stole day
buddy with bangs: lmao
medacrazymind14: dat*
buddy with bangs: lol tote
medacrazymind14: you get it??/
medacrazymind14: ah
medacrazymind14: ha*
buddy with bangs: lol jes
medacrazymind14: we should shorten every word we say and have our own language
buddy with bangs: we sld
medacrazymind14: sld? is that should?
buddy with bangs: lol es
buddy with bangs: or ys
medacrazymind14: i'm not saying leave out letters so you can't tell what it is sarah!
medacrazymind14: well i guess i'm saying that
medacrazymind14: but how is sld should
buddy with bangs: lmao
medacrazymind14: it would be shou (shuh)
buddy with bangs: o and u suck
buddy with bangs: or sck*
medacrazymind14: i do?
buddy with bangs: lmao
medacrazymind14: wh
buddy with bangs: u and o
buddy with bangs: letters
medacrazymind14: OOOH
medacrazymind14: i th u said "oh and you suck(by the way)
medacrazymind14: "
buddy with bangs: H*
medacrazymind14: i'm confused
medacrazymind14: this shortening of the words....not working onlnie...let's leave it to in real life yop
medacrazymind14: yo*
buddy with bangs: lmao
medacrazymind14: now i have 4 checks to cash in
medacrazymind14: or deposit
buddy with bangs: oooo
buddy with bangs: do it on sun
buddy with bangs: morning
medacrazymind14: banks are clsoed sunday areen't they?
buddy with bangs: ...
medacrazymind14: i want to deposit it right then and there not put it in the derp
buddy with bangs: i dunnnno
medacrazymind14: drop*
medacrazymind14: i believe it is
medacrazymind14: ohw ell
medacrazymind14: hadsfjsj
medacrazymind14: po sarah...is not in my room
medacrazymind14: :-(*
buddy with bangs: lmao
buddy with bangs: I KNOW
buddy with bangs: Stoopid
medacrazymind14: i have to work cinco de mayo
buddy with bangs: lmfao
buddy with bangs: how does that affect you?
medacrazymind14: i have to work other than my friday and sunday
medacrazymind14: haha
buddy with bangs: lol
buddy with bangs: oh
buddy with bangs: it's in my profile
buddy with bangs: You're in there twice.
buddy with bangs: I need a life. lol
buddy with bangs: ANNA
buddy with bangs: Atoozie is NOT on Kazaa
buddy with bangs: wtf
buddy with bangs: lol
medacrazymind14: omg wtf is kazaa thinking
medacrazymind14: omg
buddy with bangs: I KNOW
buddy with bangs: Idiot face kazaa
medacrazymind14: correction: poo face*
buddy with bangs: lol no pOOooooOOo!!!
medacrazymind14: yes poOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooOOO it's so good sarah
buddy with bangs: ...omg
buddy with bangs: I threw up a little
medacrazymind14: dude sarah...Poo is SO good
buddy with bangs: ANNA
buddy with bangs: PLEASE post about poo in dersch
medacrazymind14: omg i'm laughing so hard right now
buddy with bangs: lol
medacrazymind14: o.............mmmm........................gggggg
medacrazymind14: don't type poop in google images
buddy with bangs: LMAO!!!!!
buddy with bangs: AAnnnna
buddy with bangs: SICK
medacrazymind14 wants to directly connect.
buddy with bangs is not accepting Direct IM connections.
medacrazymind14 wants to directly connect.
buddy with bangs is now directly connected.
buddy with bangs: omg. cannot..even believe..
buddy with bangs: You are...lmfao anna
buddy with bangs: Shut up!
buddy with bangs: lol
buddy with bangs: lmao
buddy with bangs: anna, post this convo
buddy with bangs: lol
buddy with bangs: alll about your poops
medacrazymind14: (picture of cat)
medacrazymind14: your thing is so slow
medacrazymind14: it's just a puic i found on "poop" in google...and it's weird...cuz it's not poop
medacrazymind14: but is saved as poop
medacrazymind14: weird
medacrazymind14: lace and leather...there's nothin better..It's hip with a kick
buddy with bangs: l.....MAO
medacrazymind14: that's not poop sarah
medacrazymind14: that's a small cat
buddy with bangs: looks like it
buddy with bangs: bung hole and all
buddy with bangs: I cannot believe that poop pic..of a cat
buddy with bangs: I KNOW
medacrazymind14: my one foot is so cold
buddy with bangs: lmao
buddy with bangs: your ONE foot?
buddy with bangs: what happened to the other?
buddy with bangs: fall off?
medacrazymind14: yea
medacrazymind14: :-(
buddy with bangs: ...lmao
buddy with bangs: anna..
buddy with bangs: WHO could not love you? Seriously.
medacrazymind14:  i dont know...people who don't like talking about poop?
buddy with bangs: ...probably...and those people should go back to mexico
medacrazymind14: O.....MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM......GGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
i just found the sickest picture of POOP...it's like red poop
buddy with bangs: LMFAO
buddy with bangs: STOP looking
medacrazymind14: i./..can't
buddy with bangs: sick sicksicksick si

POOPCollapse )

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"emo" glasses [29 Mar 2005|12:26am]

[ mood | calm ]

I'm not sure if this post will go the right way... But you'll get the idea, if you're smart.

(i'm not saying this is hot)

wow, i tried to get my "scruffy,moderatly skinny, hot nerdy with a book and coffee, or maybe a guitar at the same time with "emo" glasses" type guy, but i just couldn't find that in google..hm

not really the glasses i was trying to look for...but josh does own some and i've seen them
Josh: "Uh, i thought this was the line to the bizzathroom"
pretty funny skit...watch it hurr it's the 14th one down... there are two to it though. the performance and the skit(josh says something obviously unscripted, what a cute mutha
please watch the performance...it's honestly amazing. I cry.

i guess this turned into another groban post...sorry :( i can't help it...i really can't
he's my dream guy, and that's all there is to it. :)

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I love ma nerds... [28 Mar 2005|11:06pm]

[ mood | hot ]

Don't worry...it ain't no Groban...it ain'tCollapse )

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burberry, burberry, burberry ♥ [28 Mar 2005|10:40pm]

[ mood | jubilant ]

Khamis' Latest ObessionCollapse )
i heart burberry.
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I found another Josh community...:) [23 Mar 2005|11:57pm]

[ mood | amused ]

found this site with a 40 min concert thing? i don't know. it's from a while ago though and wow...he has improved in his singing abilities SO much.  I haven't watched it all yet...

i really want to join FOJG...I think It would be so worth it .. and i want this shirt! and i don't feel like making it!
get over itCollapse )

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[22 Mar 2005|10:19pm]

uhhhh do you see this?



stupid girl with her scrapbook

i remember that. He got it. Glanced at it. said "thanks." then the girl screamed something along the lines of "that's a book of you in college" and then he goes to look in it and gives a sarcastic "thanks, me in high school" then said something witty. you know how josh be.

Lucia I lub youuu...you play that violin. yea.

I hate 2nd rowers

again...i hate the second rowers...they can just row thierselves away!

look at him try to smile while he tries blowin'

loved that duet

loved that piano

raggy man in raggy clothes

what's with the stach? but love that facial hair. i love scruffy josh!

cha he's god deal with it.

a little facial hairs actions

play it josh, play it

seriously? how cute is this. umm.. oh so cute\

oh you know you see that hair

J: "what? of course i love you anna.." me: "ok just checking"

i LOVE how the groban communities update like 800 times a day. the best comm. ever.
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josh you're killing me [20 Mar 2005|09:27pm]

[ mood | obsessive ]


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best fruit ever [18 Mar 2005|06:20pm]

[ mood | hungry for avocados ]

when you get a bunch if avocados together you get....

guacamole, the best dippy type food thing........

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The Little Prince!! [05 Mar 2005|10:55pm]


MORE!!Collapse )
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straight ahead, that's the bed, where we lay and love together... [05 Mar 2005|05:08pm]

[ mood | bored ]

WOW look what i randomly just found!

That looks like Megan first of all...and it says Miss Parker...weird!

but i took it upon myself to change it to something better


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[04 Mar 2005|10:20pm]

[ mood | Yay..(hot)boys...kissin!!!! ]

A new 'Obsession'..Possibly the hottest thing...hmm..ever? WOWWOWWOWWOWWOW


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[02 Mar 2005|08:48pm]

[ mood | annoyed.mom.nuff said ]

I tried to be a little different and put my entry in the actual picture (or pic's in this case)...but as you can see...didn't work out so well. Oh well. If you can't tell, these happen to be stars. I know, amazing. Stars never get old. They're always amazing and always will be until the sun blows us all up.
The. End.

Oh..and maybe we should not make all entries Friends only. I don't know if any of you do that, but it might be good if people saw what they were getting themselfs into before they joined. ;)

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[27 Feb 2005|09:40pm]

isn't it weird that I have so seen this movie? it's an old cowboy movie...i find it weird!

clint eastwood is really handsom i've noticed...

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Rachel Ray!!!!! [25 Feb 2005|11:11pm]

[ mood | dirty, i smell like manuel..'s ]

This lovely woman is a cook-ie and she always talks about her soda shop girl (i don't remember...do you angie?) days when she scooped ice cream. And always makes cute dumb little jokes taht she laughs at hehehe

oh yea...
look at her legs...diff sizes haha (cute skirt!)

Yes, this sweet little woman....never thought I woudl find these pictures...what are you doing rachel!? Can you believe those Angie??? crizazy

oh well, still gotta love her!

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Wendy Pepper... [24 Feb 2005|08:15pm]

[ mood | shocked ]

her designs:


i can't get any of her designs from her latest line... :( tear

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John Stamos! [24 Feb 2005|05:59pm]

[ mood | bouncy...i have to pee! ]

what a stud...

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[23 Feb 2005|09:15pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

I was just gonna to Farrell?-Farel?-Farlle?(middle hottie) and then I realized that they are all classy sexy sons of a bitches...He is possibly one of the sexiest celebs..ever. Smooth and classy...and he's all unique and punked out. I love this black man....DAMN.


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a long time obsession [22 Feb 2005|08:29pm]

[ mood | i'm bored,but look at the art! ]

"I'm lookin at you"

she has an old husband

sings like an angel...

look how fat celine is you guys!!!!!

yea she's an obsession because I be obsessed with...

Why wouldn't you love this movie??????????????? ahhhhhh
I need to watch it again. The last time i watched it was on ...some kind of break while doing my holocaust collage project. OMG what is it with me and collages? what is my problem! so yea, not a good memory while watching that...so anyone wanna watch it with me. And if we end up making out during it...so be it.

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mmmmmmm [20 Feb 2005|05:39pm]

[ mood | full ]



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Funny Flash Comic Strips!! [11 Feb 2005|09:24pm]

[ mood | bored ]

This is currently set as my desktop...centered..and surrounded by red..the exact shade I am currently typing in!!!

These made me laugh..for other heros go here:  http://www.proudrobot.com/hembeck/gingold.html  they are along the left hand side.

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