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"emo" glasses

I'm not sure if this post will go the right way... But you'll get the idea, if you're smart.

(i'm not saying this is hot)

wow, i tried to get my "scruffy,moderatly skinny, hot nerdy with a book and coffee, or maybe a guitar at the same time with "emo" glasses" type guy, but i just couldn't find that in google..hm

not really the glasses i was trying to look for...but josh does own some and i've seen them
Josh: "Uh, i thought this was the line to the bizzathroom"
pretty funny skit...watch it hurr it's the 14th one down... there are two to it though. the performance and the skit(josh says something obviously unscripted, what a cute mutha
please watch the performance...it's honestly amazing. I cry.

i guess this turned into another groban post...sorry :( i can't help it...i really can't
he's my dream guy, and that's all there is to it. :)
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